Cloud Computing

Network Directions recognizes that Cloud Computing means different things to different people, and that one size does not fit everyone. Therefore we have partnered with multiple providers to support our clients’ needs whatever they may be. We help integrate your existing technology systems with the proper cloud services to meet your business needs.

  • Host Applications (,, etc.)
  • Hosted Servers (, Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, etc.)
  • Virtual Servers (eFolder, etc.)
  • On-line Backups (Carbonite, Gillware, etc.)
  • Hybrid Systems

There are many advantages in moving to an Internet-based cloud solution. Cloud computing can help increase efficiency, improve cash flow, and allow employees to work from anywhere. There are many additional benefits to Cloud Computing….. ask us for details.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

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Network Directions Backup Services are designed to be automated, scheduled and monitored so you no longer need to remember to do this yourself. We support, and recommend, both on-site backups and on-line backups that work over the existing Internet connection. Safe, encrypted and secure. Backups are a critical component of a company’s overall disaster recovery plan. According to research by Deloitte & Touche, the survival rate of Small to Midsized Business companies without a disaster plan is less than 10%.

  • Plan for unexpected issues – they happen to everyone, and they can happen at any time. Take preventative measures today
  • Safeguard and defend your business Network Directions will assist in planning for those unexpected issues and develop a strategy for efficient recovery of data and your network infrastructure to allow you to focus on more important issues
  • Don’t wait long for recovery – when your network does go down and data is lost, we’ll have it back for you in no time

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Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering for the Office suite of programs. Office 365 comes in several levels depending on your needs, and provides some very interesting benefits over the traditional software licensing model.

Office 365 is a subscription license, charged per user and billed either monthly or annually. One big advantage of this offering is that your users have access to the Office applications either locally at their desks or on-line via a web browser. In addition, each user can install Office on five devices simultaneously. This means their work PC, home PC, tablet and phone can all have Office installed at the same time. For users that travel, access to Office, including Outlook e-mail, is easy from any computer with a browser.

Network Directions is your Office 365 expert. If you’re interested in upgrading your existing Office versions, or if you’re looking to move from a local e-mail server to the Hosted Exchange service, give us a call! We’re here to help!