Technology Assessment

Technology continues to change, but one thing remains constant – good technology decisions are made from sound and accurate information about how your business and technology are currently positioned. Based on a comprehensive analysis of several different areas of your technology deployment, Network Directions’ ‘Technical Business Assessment’ identifies the strengths, weakness, and potential of your business technology. To do this, we will assess your servers, workstations, software and licensing, security, disaster recovery and infrastructure, and business goals. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive document detailing the status in each area of your technology deployment. This Assessment document will provide a matrix and functional ranking compared to Industry Standards and a ‘Technology Road-Map’ that lays out a recommended course of action for continued improvement and functionality.

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Technology Consulting

Network Directions Consulting Services provide small and midsized businesses with impartial, objective, and experienced advice on how to align business objectives with today’s technology solutions. New business goals often require upgrades or additions to a company’s technology environment. Comparing the sales and marketing information for new hardware or software systems can leave business owners and managers uncertain regarding what path to take to best meet their goals. Network Directions’ will act as your independent, unbiased advisor to the new system selection process. Drawing on our vast experience with business systems across industries and disciplines, we cut through misleading claims to help identify the best choice for your business. Know your possibilities and make the right decisions. Network Directions can also function as your Virtual IT Director.

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Virtual IT Director Services

Often, growth or expansion plans for a company bring a short-term need for more experienced IT management than is required under normal circumstances. In these cases, relying on existing staff to properly plan and manage the expansion of the technology systems can result in critical mistakes, unnecessary costs, and unsupportable solutions.

Network Directions Virtual IT Director services provides small and midsized businesses with the temporary expertise required to oversee a technology expansion project from inception to final role out. Once the technology solution is operational, the existing staff continues to support the systems as usual without the ongoing cost of a full time IT Director.

A properly managed project will include several distinct phases that must be completed to ensure that the final solution meets the business needs, is cost effective, is supportable, and can be expanded in the future.

  • Defining Business Requirements
  • Conducting Product Selection
  • Soliciting and Reviewing Bids
  • Implementation/Integration with the Production System
  • Training & Documentation
  • Ongoing Support

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Technology Advisors

Network Directions suite of Pro-Active System Tools and Services can identify many different aspects of the client’s computer environment including CPU and Memory utilization, hard drive performance, power supply, back up services, server health and overall utilization, email availability, network routers and switches, firewall activity, internet and web server availability, network printer status and issues, event logs and many more services. Our diagnostic tools can also provide complete reporting metrics that can be run against any device or devices at any time. This program will allow Network Directions to monitor critical components of your computer environment and receive notification before an issue becomes a critical problem, thereby saving thousands in lost downtime.

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